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1 Hr. 20 Min.
Phoenix Forgotten

BUY TICKETS  |  3:40PM  |  5:45PM  |  7:50PM

20 years after three teenagers disappeared in the wake of mysterious lights appearing above Phoenix, Arizona, unseen footage from that night has been discovered, chronicling the final hours of their fateful expedition.

Starring: Florence Hartigan, Luke Spencer Roberts, Chelsea Lopez
This movie is rated PG13


2 Hr. 16 Min.
The Fate of the Furious

BUY TICKETS  |  2:05PM  |  3:05PM  |  4:45PM  |  5:45PM  |  7:30PM  |  8:30PM

When a mysterious woman seduces Dom into the world of crime and a betrayal of those closest to him, the crew face trials that will test them as never before.

Starring: Charlize Theron, Nathalie Emmanuel, Dwayne Johnson
This movie is rated PG13


1 Hr. 29 Min.
Smurfs Lost Village

BUY TICKETS  |  2:05PM  |  4:00PM  |  5:55PM  |  7:45PM

In this fully animated, all-new take on the Smurfs, a mysterious map sets Smurfette and her friends Brainy, Clumsy and Hefty on an exciting race through the Forbidden Forest leading to the discovery of the biggest secret in Smurf history.

Starring: Ariel Winter, Joe Manganiello, Michelle Rodriguez
This movie is rated PG


1 Hr. 36 Min.
Going in Style

BUY TICKETS  |  3:05PM  |  5:15PM  |  7:25PM

Desperate to pay the bills and come through for their loved ones, three lifelong pals risk it all by embarking on a daring bid to knock off the very bank that absconded with their money.

Starring: Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Ann-Margret
This movie is rated PG13


2 Hr. 3 Min.
Beauty and the Beast

BUY TICKETS  |  2:05PM  |  4:40PM  |  7:15PM

An adaptation of the Disney fairy tale about a monstrous-looking prince and a young woman who fall in love.

Starring: Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Dan Stevens
This movie is rated PG


1 Hr. 37 Min.
The Boss Baby

BUY TICKETS  |  3:10PM  |  5:30PM  |  7:50PM

A suit-wearing briefcase-carrying baby pairs up with his seven-year old brother to stop the dastardly plot of the CEO of Puppy Co.

Starring: Miles Christopher Bakshi, Alec Baldwin, Eric Bell Jr.
This movie is rated PG

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